Never Hide….

In my time of being here on earth I have had a lot of experiences and I continue to experience new things every day. As I grow I am learning to Never Hide my true feeling’s and what I’m feeling on the inside. I haven’t mastered it all the way, but for the most part I am still learning. I speak on this because people deal with different things everyday and you have to be able to not hide what your feeling or thinking… Now don’t get me always depends on the situation for what you are hiding and not saying anything.. I mean you are not going to go plum off on your boss if something happen to you that he did or for a situation in where the judgement was in for the other party and not you because of course you don’t wanna lose your job… or your not going to go plum off on a Judge in court if he makes a crazy decision that your not pleased with..(laugh out loud, rolling eyes).., but in this situation I’m talking about relationships.. Never Hide what your feeling or thinking from your other half. You shouldn’t have to hide things about you.. and I know some of you may disagree, but let me explain why I say … POINT BLANK PERIOD….ANYTHING THAT YOUR MATE TELLS YOU IS IN THIER PAST!!!.. and as your relationship is continuing to grow.. If he/she really loves you with all his/her heart then ANYTHING that is told to you, you will over look it and say to yourself “It happen EXACTLY where it happen..IN THE PAST!!!” and depending on what it was that was told to you will help the person walk through it and grow and bring a different light to their path!!!… I am a person that Loves HARD and I for years have seen my mom and dad go through the worst, but I can honestly say that from what I was told on both party THEY NEVER HID THINGS FROM EACH OTHERS!!!!.. and today their relationship is the best… Communication is the key to ANY relationship and if you DONT have that then you don’t have a TRUE RELATIONSHIP!!! People seem to think that hiding things in their relationships is a good thing and honestly sometimes it is because it can be that person not wanting to remember a very bad past or mind blowing situation and thats understandable, but sometimes hiding things can hinder your relationship from moving forward and turning into something wonderful. When God brings you someone in your life that person will except you and show you that your past means NOTHING!!! It just means that the people in your past wasn’t suppose to be and wasn’t who God intended for you to be with!!! Always be HONEST about everything that you do and go through in your relationship so that it can be a equal share between the parties… NEVER HIDE anything that may can hinder your progress to move forward…There is always someone that will take you memory away and show you a better one and lead you on a path that will make you feel safe and secure again with relationship were you will wanna share the good things that are happening within the relationship!!!! God bless and remember that Opening Up and Praying can be the best thing that happens to your relationship!!!. 


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