Table lamp

Inspire cork coaster
$10 –

Wall art

Wall art

Throw pillow

LSA International home decor
$24 –

Purple home decor

Modern dining table

Purple velvet couch
$2,890 –

Pacini Cappellini accent table
$1,410 –




Club L floral flare dress
$48 –

Perrin clutch

White feather necklace
$55 –

Giorgio Armani lips makeup

Star Stud moment…..

Star Stud moment.....


Jeffrey Campbell sneaker
$175 –


Juicy Couture watch

Versace star belt

1 20 Blackbirds snap back hat
$11 –

My Hearts….My Loves…My Babies!!!!

Goodevening…coming to you tonight on a subject that has truly been touching my heart for a good long period of time….My Babies!!!..I can honestly sit back and say that when I was younger, I had thought’s about not having kids and just keeping life simple and it only being me… Well to let you know I have 5 kids and each one has my heart till I until I pass away …..Now I know y’all wondering like …yeah I said it 5 (2 biologically mine)..other three…well you know, BUT AT THE END OF THE DAY, I AM A FATHER AND DAD OF 5 BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS KIDS!!!! Now earlier I said I wasn’t ready, but because I am always stating that I want a Full Blown Family …lol God said I Got You!!! So he sent me a family that I have come to love and cherish with everything about me!! Now each one of my babies bring me joy in a special way and in so many ways do I adore,love,care and want to be a TRUE BLESSING TO ALL 5!!! As I stated in my other post, you never know what God has planned for your life and when you try to remain faithful and honest and you basically just do what’s right …HE WILL REWARD YOU!! Now it may not be money, cars, clothes, house ,..etc…. But when you are blessed with the chance to bless three little hearts and be a father or dad like no other of children that don’t actually belong to you…and take on that role …it’s says a lot!!! All of them (3) love me as if I were truly their own and even though I get on to them it still don’t matter because they can see the love coming from my heart to their to know that I wouldn’t let ANYTHING HAPPEN TO THEM!!! I can ACTUALLY SAY that all SIX ( 5 babies +1 fiancé ) is the reason I do the things I do in life and I pray that I live to see each one of my babies graduate, get married, have kids, and see their babies grow…Blessed to have a total package come in the form that it did God always knows what he’s doing….